Hot Stone Reflexology

What is Hot Stone Reflexology?

Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology is the use of heated stones to stimulate reflex points (acupressure or energy points) on the feet. Basalt stones are used as they retain heat well and the ancients believe these lava rocks have nurturing, cleansing, and healing effects on the body.


Hot Stone Reflexology on footI use warm stones, held in my palm, pressing and massaging into the reflex points. This deeply relaxes sore and tight muscles, stimulates the reflexes as well as improves circulation. I use several different size stones during the session, performing the traditional reflexology procedure incorporating the stones over the foot reflex points and calves. Small “toe stones” are placed in between the toes. Feels so good!


Why Hot Stone Reflexology?

Hot Stone Reflexology on footWith Hot Stone Reflexology the heat penetrates deeply into the muscles and reflexes where it softens sore tired muscles. It can allow greater access to the reflex points which creates deep relaxation throughout your whole being. You’ll experience a warm flow of improved circulation which will assist you in staying healthy and happy this winter.

Reflexology itself can be quite soothing and relaxing. With the addition of the warm stones, it quickly becomes a method of decreasing tension draining away the stresses and anxieties, creating a multi-sensory reflexology experience, enhancing your session further,
Cool stones may also be used if there is any muscle tightness or inflammation or on a hot summer’s day, this is refreshing and can help relieve tired swollen feet.

$90 for 1 hour


Hot stones for reflexology

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